We all know how life must come to an end eventually but in my world, I almost wish that it were eternal to perhaps correct mistakes of the past since no one can turn back time. I said I “almost” wish it because on the other hand, I do not think to live too long to feel so much pain in the process of trying to make as much out of life as is possible. I suppose the emotions must co-exist to make sense of the different grades that affect our intelligence and decisions. In the end, if it isn’t about achievement, it’s at least the sense of having been useful. Otherwise, there would be no point in an existence as I think sometimes mine is. I feel I have walked back in time to nothingness especially when my family is still helping me to find my way. Perhaps, life would be easier if there were less people therefore there would be less competition. We really are who we are having evolved into the highest intelligence of beings whose achievements are just those choices and processes that have complicated and even impoverished millions of lives. Are we really in a better world? Do we deserve to have this level of intelligence where many more must suffer at the hands of a select few?


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