Good teaching comes from good people

What really is it?  Perhaps good teaching is a skill possessed by one individual whose sole desire it is  to impart knowledge to others with the hope that everyone  becomes better individuals in the conduct of their professional or personal lives. It might be easy to teach someone because the basic idea of teaching is to impart knowledge or instruct by example. Whether the individual being taught has learned anything from the encounter is another question.

A good teacher is perhaps someone who has inspired others to perhaps follow in his or her footsteps. At the same time, the good teacher is inspired by his own students who give him reason to be the best teacher he can be.  However, from my days as a student at the Central Philippine University in Iloilo till now, I have woken up to the reality that there are not as many good teachers nowadays.    The requirements for formal learning have piled up.  There are many more students to compete among themselves.  The trend now seems to be  more on the quantitative aspect of learning rather than the depth of any subject for that matter.   A good teacher  is patient.   A good teacher studies his own pupil.   A good teacher determines the path and pace of learning based on his pupil.  A good teacher shows dedication.  A good teacher shows passion.  Only a good student can come of a good teacher.  Good teaching is a skill that can be acquired when a teacher becomes a student himself before he applies what needs to be taught.  It can only come from good people who are selfless, accommodating; people who are more than willing to give their time to others or more importantly strangers who should not matter in ordinary circumstances.

With much pressure nowadays from parents or  elders to excel academically, it is even more necessary to be guided by good teachers.   How would you feel being just another student getting by with average grades but facing as much scrutiny if not more by everyone he loves who only want the “best” for him?  How do you live by such expectations without feeling like you wanted to run away, cry or hide somewhere sometimes?   How much can you take of something that might not be for you in the first place?

There is a lot of information to be shared.  We cannot escape it so a good teacher can at least encourage. A good teacher  will be patient.   A good teacher will study his own pupil.   A good teacher will determine the path and pace of learning based on his pupil.  A good teacher will show dedication. Then, perhaps a good student may be borne…borne of a good teacher, borne of a good person.   At least, I must say that I have received some good teaching but this is not to say that I am or was a good student but I “felt” my teachers in my younger years.   I felt their dedication.   I think I am a better person because of them.   Still, I never intended to become a trainer or a teacher.   This accident has surely taught me patience,  the need to be kind, the awareness of so many children not being able to go to school.   It has given me this fervor to contribute to someone’s education.





Good teaching comes from good people. (Parker Palmer, The Courage to Teach)


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