While Kalibo waited…

11.00pm,  Thursday, 23rd December 2010

I am at the Manila Domestic Airport minding my own business with a copy of Reader’s Digest.  There is this tall but  much-to-be desired Filipino male seated 2 rows of seats away in front and I catch him looking back at me a few times.  A little while later, the idiot casually places himself in the row right in front of me.  I cannot believe how he sat down with his arms outstretched so that his elbows rested on the backrest.  The nerve! …but we meet eyes and the one look that I gave said it all – buzz off! haha I love my Miumiu spectables and Egyptian bangs.

The animals I am reading about serve a better appeal than his shaved head and questionable taste in fashion.  Blah! …and I do agree with Jane Goodall that animals should be looked upon as teachers.  Afterall, there is less than 2 percent difference in DNA between chimpanzees and humans.  The behaviour of the idiot sitting in front of me is understandably instinctive but he also has to remember that he has a fully-developed brain capable of controlling his behaviour especially right about now.  This makes me curious about his mother’s influence on him.  To say that men are animals would be to insult pure animal species that usually know nothing of malice and intention.  Even when the best of intentions have brought about nothing but heartbreak and frustration among the humans.   Take for example my Greek friend Alex, a modern day philosopher of an ancient family pedigree back in Athens, who lost  his heart and the contents of his pockets to seemingly simple Filipinas; Filipinas who barely went through elementary education but have mastered the art and probably the science of manipulating subconsciously-willing victims like Alex 🙂

I fear too much intelligence among humans has only brought about great unhappiness, laziness as a result of technologies meant to simplify our lives as well as a selfishness at the expense of our own kind and the lesser species.  Suddenly, I am reminded of my distaste for the civilization around me, which brings me back to the idiot in front of me.  I only hope that I do not end up next to him on the plane :p God has peculiar ways of testing my patience (and what is left of it) or maybe there are not enough people in Heaven that he must look to those on Earth for entertainment.

An hour later on the plane, I see the same idiot smiling from a distance.  As I walk to my seat, I realize that he also has the window side right behind me.


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